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  • Dec072022

    Office Staff Training


    Its not all about the OPTIMISE engineers training!! OPTIMISE strongly believe it is important that all the teams in the…

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  • Jun012022

    Engineer Training


    Optimise Heat & Steam are committed to having highly trained engineers, this ensures a high standard of work and allows…

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  • Mar092021
    Optimise Heat & Steam - Commercial Boiler Engineers - Installation

    Pipe Stress analysis!

    Pipe Stress Analysis – What does it mean for your company? Pipes are installed in an industry to carry the…

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  • Mar282019
    Optimise Brewery Services

    9 years and counting…. A change of style with a helping hand from ‘Mackman’.


        Optimise Heat & Steam began operating in 2010. After trading for nearly 9 years we decided we needed…

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  • Jan042019
    HSE Logo

    HSE Change Occupational Exposure Limits for Gases

    The HSE has changed the exposure limits to the following: Please visit the HSE website for the full details:

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