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Office Staff Training

Office Staff Training
September 1, 2019 Lisa

Its not all about the OPTIMISE engineers training!!

OPTIMISE strongly believe it is important that all the teams in the company are continually updating current, existing skills or learning a new expertise.



September 2019

Yvonne is attending a Construction Safety & Awareness Health Day. She will be advised of the latest standards and guidance/learn about the legal obligation in relation to work at height, dust control on power tools, working on platforms and Mental Health at work.

Lisa is attending a two day course on IGTV & Marketing/Photography and styling course this week. She is hoping to be enlightened and inspired for future posts on our social media sites and website !


August 2019

Pat on the back to Paul who passed his four day IOSH Managing Safely course. Its Dave’s turn next !!

Last month, extending into this month, Mickey is receiving training on the MPDS4 Software, thank you to  Alan from CAD Schroer


Optimise have been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification by ISO Quality Services Ltd. Congratulations to OPTIMISE ! A special thanks to Yvonne our ISO guru who has put an incredible amount of work and commitment into the award 🙂

The Optimise ISO Gang & Dex !!


July 2019

Paul is off and away over the next two weeks attending an IOSH Managing Safely Course in St Neots run by HS Solutions.

June 2019

Another QSL Ltd ISO training session has taken place this month. Thank you to everyone’s in-put and to Yvonne for all her hard-work in bringing it all together nicely. We should be ready to complete our Certificate 9001 Quality by the end of July, way ahead of schedule !! Well done folks 🙂

Optimise, climbing those steps to success !



May 2019

This month our OPTIMISE office staff are undergoing training for the ISO certification. Office based training began this week. We are aiming to have this in place by the end of the 2019.

Next week, Yvonne will be the first to take the plunge! She is attending an external study day in ISO Quality Management in Worcester. Good luck Yvonne !

April 2019

Paul and Dave have received their training for the P&ID drawing and design software from Bill at Cad-Schroer and are busy practising their new found skills…. Watch this space !

In the last few months Lisa has been finding her feet as our new Marketing Administrator and has been busying herself with social media and general marketing courses and a few SEO and Google analytics training days. She has even had the time to throw in a media and film making study day!

Feb 2019

Yvonne attended a seminar in Health & Safety.


Congrats to Yvonne who completed her IOSH Managing Safely refresher course!

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