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Introducing our engineering team !

We are dedicated to working accurately, effectively and safely, to ensure that your business is kept running smoothly.

Our team consists of highly experienced engineering and installation technicians, coded welders and pipe-fitters, and specialist industrial and commercial gas burner engineers.


Geoff Grimwood

Coded Welder/Pipe fitter

I have enjoyed working at optimise for the last 3 years; I am a qualified coded welder. When I joined I liked the challenge of learning different skills within the steam industry and over the past few years have taken great satisfaction in demonstrating my new skill set. I love the fact that our work is so varied. I work alongside some great OPTIMISE engineers!



Darren Pitcher

Engineering Supervisor

I have been with the Optimise for 7  years. I am a qualified coded welder. I hold the Steam utilisation Course that all the engineers are encouraged to complete at Optimise. I was recently offered the  Supervisor Engineering role, which I was pleased to accept. I am enjoying training new members of the team, its a chance to demonstrate my skills set and reinforce my knowledge within the steam industry.



Jason Woods

Pipe Fitter Mate

I started with Optimise in 2021. I am a Pipefitter’s Mate, I have a background in plumbing and am really enjoying learning about the steam industry. I have taken a particular interest in the boiler side of our work, my aim is to work more in this field within the company.

I am aiming to study for the Steam Utilisation course.



  Ilie Bursuc

  Supervisor Engineer

I am a qualified coded welder. I hold all the relevant training to enable me to fore fill my role as an engineering supervisor. All the engineers within OPTIMISE are encouraged to complete the Steam Utilisation Course, for which I studied and passed. It is my job to ensure all the client’s requirements are met. These include on site health and safety standards, ensuring attention to detail and a high standard of work. I take a real pride in my work and like to encourage this within the team I work with. It is important to me that we have a reputation of professionalism within the steam industry.



Louis Goody

Pipe Fitter Mate | Welder

We are welcoming Louis to the Optimise Engineering team in the new year ! Louis has a background in Welding but is eager to join the company to expand his skill set and knowledge.

Im sure he will fit in perfectly with all our engineers and enjoy learning all things steam!



Shaun Fuller

Sub Contractor

I am a qualified Mechanical/Gas Engineer from SDF Mechanical Services, my own company. I am pleased that Optimise have chosen me as their sub-contractor.  I hold all the relevant qualifications to enable me to deliver a skilled and professional service. I have a good working relationship with Optimise, I believe this is because we like to work to the highest of standards, delivering individual, specialist support to industrial and commercial sectors

“We are lucky to have Shaun as our friendly and professional go to Mechanical/Gas Engineer. We have enjoyed a good partnership with him over the years.  Although a sub-contractor we like to see Shaun as part of the Optimise team !”