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Steam Design Process




The design process begins with a site visit and a survey with Dave our Steam Consultant and our CAD Designer, this will give our Optimise team a better scope and understanding of our clients needs.


Current Steam Systems – The aim is to support the established steam system run more effectively and efficiently, this may include expanding the existing system, as well as making routine steam alterations.

New Build Steam Systems – This is where our software and design skills really come into play. Our team will be able to envisage, plan and design a whole new steam system.

Once the survey has been completed the design and drawings stage can commence back in the office with our Cad Designer.  Additional communications and meetings will take place throughout this stage to ensure a mutual understanding of our clients needs and the Steam system Optimise would recommend and provide.

In both scenarios the 3D drawings give a more accurate insight and a better understanding for our client. We are also able to offer 3D walk-throughs so our client can get a real feel for the proposed steam system.

From the 2D drawings we can create P&ID and fabrication spool drawings; this enables our engineers to work with increased precision, which will in turn be cost effective and more time efficient in the planning and building stage.

The next stage is for our consultant and client to approve and finalise the design drawings, this is to ensure all plans have been met, all requirements have been included and both parties are happy to proceed so that work can commence.

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