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Step By Step Steam

The company has grown  from strength to strength over the last decade. As well as a great engineering team we now have a steam consultant and recommend our “Step By Step Steam” programme.

Whether you are looking for an upgrade on a current system or designing a new build we are here to support and guide you through the whole project.

With established steam systems we can ensure they are running effectively and efficiently, this may include expanding the existing system, as well as making routine steam alterations.  OR, and this is where our software and design skills really come into play, our team will be able to envisage, plan, design and install a whole new steam system using their varied knowledge, experience and skill set.

Whatever your requirements OPTIMISE really do have all the solutions !

  Step 1.  Assessing your requirements:

An initial meeting will take place to ascertain your steam requirements. These specifications  will be discussed and assessed with our consultant. All aspects will need to be reviewed so we have a clear understanding of your production demands; type of product, quantity of product, down times and production time scales.


Step 2.  Choosing the correct boiler:

To enable our consultant to choose the correct boiler there will be an assessment of the site , this will ensure we fulfil all your requirements and also capitalise on existing site space. Optimise can also attend to the purchasing of the boiler. We liaise directly with the supplier and book the commissioning engineer,  this alleviates any stresses for you later on in the process.


Step 3.   Fuel Type Option:

Depending on existing utilities advice will be given on any possible alternatives. If a new build is being designed we can match the fuel type to your needs; LPG, NAT Gas or wood fired.


 Step 4.   Regulation requirements:

Optimise will review your working patterns and advise you on all necessary and relevant regulations and guidance. This allows us to ensure a safe operating system, it would include boiler/burner controls and checks. With new builds we can also help with the written scheme that comes with the pressure regulations.

 Step 5.    System Design:

This step applies to both new builds or adding to existing installations. Your steam design will encompass boiler sizing, pipe sizing, pipe expansion and condensate controls.  Optimise designs aim to maximise the efficiency of steam and condense flow and minimise fuel consumption which will in turn reduce energy loss. Your design will also include pipe and valve insulation to once again reduce any heat loss from your system.

  Step 6.   MPDS4

This new software system is now available to all our Optimise customers during design consultations. The MPDS4 provides a comprehensive solution for projects of all sizes, and caters for all major design disciplines. Once the survey has been completed the design and drawings stage can commence. MPDS4 also quickly delivers parts lists and 2D drawings for procurement and construction, including automatically generated piping isometric drawings, this enables our engineers to work with increased precision, which will in turn be cost effective and more time efficient in the planning and building stage.


Step 7.   Quotation Stage

Digital quotes outlining all relevant breakdown of all materials, parts, labour and outline of work to be undertaken. 


 Step 8.   Pre-Start Meeting

Dave, our Steam Consultant will return to site and explain in detail the step by step procedure of your planned install, including timescale, down time and system cutting time,  if required. This is an important part of the process to iron out finer details and to minimise downtime and maximise efficiency of fabrication and construction.


Step 9.   Installation

A designated Optimise supervisor will be on hand at all times to address and concerns you have regarding  the install of your system.


Step 10Commissioning/Handover

On completion of installation Optimise will liaise with third party insurers to carry out full commissioning of installed system, this will include communications with boiler manufacturer. Once commissioning is complete Optimise will run through handover process with a completed system design file, comprising of data sheets and maintenance files.

Allow OPTIMISE to oversee every aspect of your project.

If you are joining us at the beginning of our Step By Step programme we provide the turnkey solution.

You may find yourselves needing our expertise and assistance at a different stage.

Whatever step you decide to join us,  our aim is still the same:

A smooth, stress free project led by professionals.

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