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What is the ISO Certification?

What is the ISO Certification?
August 1, 2019 Lisa
In Optimise Heat & Steam

We are proud to announce OPTIMISE have now established the ISO certification 9001 in Quality, with professional guidance and support from ISO QSL Ltd.

What does ISO stand for ?
International Standards Organisation
ISO management standards are a series of frameworks that will aim to help Optimise run the business efficiently and effectively. ISO certification is proof from a third party, such as ISO Quality Services Ltd, that we comply with an ISO management standard.
The ISO certification will help Optimise to move forward positively and utilise its systems effectively, ensuring a professional and high-quality service for all our customers and suppliers.


A few words from QSL Ltd………….

ISO 9001 Management Standard

We are pleased to confirm that Optimise Heat and Steam Limited have completed their certification  with  ISO Quality Services Limited in ISO 9001 Quality Management.

The ongoing audit process consists of two external visits per year which 
comprises an internal review (carried out at the 6 month stage), and an
annual re-certification audit to ensure that they comply with the requirements of the standard.

ISO 9001 : What is it?

A Quality Management System is a systematic and process driven 
approach to managing the business. It is designed to support the company
in ensuring that you meet and exceed the needs of their customers, whilst 
delivering a consistent level of quality and satisfaction. 

What does it means for you;   
Proof that they provide consistent, reliable and fit for purpose

Improve the customer/supplier relationship by responding 
proactively to customer feedback. 
Issues are identified and resolved promptly. 

If you want to find out more about the ISO 9001 Management Standard 
and what it entails, please feel free to look at our website 

Please also feel to contact us if you have any questions regarding the 
certification process or requirements.

Jennifer Appleton 
Operations Director  QSL Ltd